CR10 now accepts all payment options in New Zealand

The highly customisable Cartadis CR10 self service accounting kiosk is now compatible with all EFTPOS/Credit Card payment methods in New Zealand. By adding an EFTPOS/Credit Card terminal users are presented with more payment options to add credit to their PaperCut or Gespage account.

This complete solution offers user the ability to pay with all bank payments systems.

How does it work?

The user enters their username and password on the screen or swipes, scans or taps their card to login. The user views their name and balance on the screen and is prompted to pay with cash (coin/note) or with any EFTPOS/Credit/Debit Card method. The user inserts cash or uses the terminal to pay with the bank payment type of their choice. No change is offered. The user is then prompted to confirm the recharge and print a receipt collected from the bottom tray. The user can now view their updated balance and logout.